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Consider this video a crash introduction into her universe.---As we have established the facts, everything else that is to follow from here on is purely fiction. "That's Hollywood for you," Manson tells his friend, with a shrug. " the guy asks, raising his sleeve to check his watch. Manson raises an eyebrow, wondering if the guy also made a few bucks on the side by acting as a pimp during his official working hours. " his friend asks, as they go outside, heading for their room. I'll be out here when you're done," he answers flatly, obviously not happy with the arrangement.No offense is meant to any celebrities mentioned in this story or fans thereof. He watches them go up the stairs, the woman opening a door before they retreat in one of the hotel's rooms. Somehow, no matter where he was, no matter how big he'd become over the years, he still found himself in the same shitty situations. " the woman cries out to no one in particular, angrily kicking the metal railing of the motel's first floor.Capricorn Canton, Ohio, United States He lives in a Spanish style mansion with goth vibes in Hollywood Hills, California.Marilyn Manson studied at the Heritage Christian School from the first grade to the tenth grade.He later got enrolled at the Glen Oak High School and graduated in 1987.In 1990, he got admission at the Broward Community College in Fort Lauderdale to pursue a degree in journalism.

"You've become picky over the years, man," his friend says, shaking his head. " an older looking woman interrupts their conversation, her bruised legs covered in fishnet stockings, her hair bleached blonde and styled in a trend that is sure to have died with the end of the '80s. "Yeah, we can go to the motel around the corner here," she explains, pointing to the direction. "Okay, but don't blame me if you start getting bored waiting for me out there," he says, wrapping his arm around the older woman's shoulders. I've got some nice girls that I could get down here if I make a few calls," she suggests.

His clunky platform boots tap against the bottom railing surrounding the bar, in beat with the rock music blaring from the speakers. Grabbing his glass, he downs it all in one go, getting up, as they prepare to make their way out. "Ummm," she says, giggling slightly, as she half-turns on her heel towards her group of pals encouraging her to approach him. "If it's the Holy Virgin you'd like to talk to, I'm afraid you're looking in the wrong place," he replies dryly, as he walks out the door, together with the friend he'd brought along for the evening. " Marilyn mumbles under his breath, dreading having to face them. "Fucker took my smokes with him," he growls under his breath, kicking dust into the wind. You can't just push me out because of her." She's downright crying now. Getting back up, he can see her take a large bottle of Jack Daniels and toss her head back, taking greedy gulps out of it. " he suddenly yells, alarmed that she would soon fall over. So we both have meet & greets on the same day, and then I run into him backstage, you know? So here we are, arriving to this club, and, somehow, the press gets a hold of it, and they're snapping pictures like crazy. Convinced that it is unoccupied, he takes a few steps back, before running into the door at full speed, kicking it open. Much more powerful than any nobility title other rockstars have opted for," he explains smugly. "Sometimes I feel people just like me for my big dick. She kicks the blankets off of her and begins to jump on the bed. She throws herself on her knees on the bed and grabs a pillow, playfully hitting him over the face with it. "I don't know if that's such a good idea..." he begins, his hands trying to catch her arms. "I'll just sit in this chair here and rest my eyes for a while," he tells her, as he pulls a beat up armchair next to the bed and lays back in it, stretching his legs over the bedspread on the empty side of the bed. Somehow, she always ended up in weird situations that no one had seemed to encounter before, and this was no different. The dirty sole of her left foot sticking out of the blanket, a single long feather earring dangling down her neck, peeking from in between the teased hair she's wearing, her white lace dress stained by whiskey around the collar, she looks like a fallen '70s beauty queen, he muses. She declines, handing him the closed bag instead, to put back down. I'm going to send you a demo when I'll record it." He nods, smiling at her mysteriousness, only adding to her already intoxicating appeal. "I wouldn't dream of it," he assures her, settling back in his chair, his black leather boots resting against the bed. "Fuck if I know," Manson says, rubbing his face, annoyed. He was used to people taking jabs at him and trying to provoke him, but having the blood-hungry paparazzi begin to insult a girl who was struggling to keep not only her art, but also herself alive, was too much for him to take. She's new talent and she's very in right now, so I figured a bit of controversy would help boost my sales." Lana just looks at him, a huge grin plastered on her face. I just fuck my way up to the top, like every other artist worth their salt out there." Raising his hand, Manson hails the cab driving by.

The whole place feels like a grimy biker's bar you'd find on a remote highway. Across the street, he can see the large group of paparazzi, hungrily waiting for a juicy shot of... They could take even the tamest photo and pair it with a title so outrageous that they'd be sure to have all the copies of the magazines or newspapers they were working for sold out by noon the next day. A sea of flashes suddenly goes off, drowning the entire street in light, blinding all passers-by. " the rocker asks, trying to understand what the paparazzi would want to do with them. " his friend says, pointing to the redhead going over to shield the woman away from the swarming press. He takes a deep breath in, his shoulders dropping as he exhales. Swinging the bottle in front of her, she walks to the edge of the upper floor again and leans on the railing, her other hand messily wiping away the tears that are furiously running down her face. The woman instantly straightens back to a standing position, her long hair whipping the air as she raises herself up. " she asks, slurring her words, her voice thick from whiskey. I'm, like, totally babbling when I meet him because... "So then, as we continue talking, he tells me he wants to hit the clubs, and if I'd like to come with him. Then, when we get inside, Axl and I really hit it off. And I'm not going to waste my time looking for anything that just won't suit me." Manson's face turns into a picture of sadness. " "I couldn't feel it," she mumbles under her breath, shivering beside him. You stay put," he tells her, getting worried by her pallor. "How fast do you think the reporters will get here once the reception tips them off that Marilyn Manson and Lana Del Rey have taken a room together? "Wow, wasn't expecting that." She giggles, watching him hold his shoulder, which was probably going to bruise from impact. "I'm getting next to you, but you can keep all the blankets," he tells her, now pushing all the thick fabric around her, into a cocoon. She squirms, giggling, and straddles him, her hand gliding over his crotch, as she leans down and opens her mouth over his lips. You've got charm and a personality like I've never seen before. And, as much as you make me wish I had a wife to cheat on with you," he adds in his usual dark humor, "there's just no way I'm going to take advantage of the state you're in right now." He pulls the blankets up to her neck and gets off the bed. Yet, this was the safest she'd ever felt with a stranger, in her life. The lyrics to my first major hit album were all written on the road, right in between these pages." "Poetry, huh? "So what particularly inspired you about this cheap ass motel room? She closes the notebook, sliding it down her right arm, a quick flash of the 'Nabokov Whitman' tattoo dedicated to her favorite authors showing before the lace covers her skin once more, as she puts the pen back in her purse. *** The following morning, Lana gets out of bed, quietly trying to make her way to the bathroom, before she hits the whiskey bottle from the night before, accidentally kicking it into the nightstand, making a racket. It's probably best we don't hang out here much longer," he points out, worried that someone might catch them. "There's not really that much we can do to avoid them right now, though." "Damn it. No other way than to walk straight into their trap," she says, looking at him. "On your go," he tells her, placing his hand over the doorknob. Let's do it." The instant they open the door, a billion flashes begin to go off, and the reporters flock around them, hardly giving them any room to advance at all. "Plus," he adds, "she said she'd put in a good word for me with the record execs if I ate her out. The car stops a few feet away from the buzzing crowd, and Manson opens the door for the singer.

He usually spends 10 minutes on the treadmill and then works on his arms and legs.

He prefers using machines for his workouts and certainly isn’t a fan of lifting free weights.

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