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For years, the former desire held the latter in its mouth, like a capsule too dangerous to swallow.When I trawl the seafloor of my childhood for sunken tokens of things to come, these bus rides are about the gayest thing I can find. It is common, after all, for high school athletes to try to squash the inherent homoeroticism of same-sex sport under the heavy cleat of denial.Feminism was all I wanted to think about, talk about.

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They talked, with the candor of postgame exhaustion, of boys, sex, and other vices; of good taste and bad blood and small, sharp desires.

For Solanas, an aspiring playwright, politics begins with an aesthetic judgment.

This is because male and female are essentially styles for her, rival aesthetic schools distinguishable by their respective adjectival palettes.

So after both stars found themselves single, Jensen took it upon himself to make some moves.

In an interview with Huff Post Live in 2015, Jeffrey opened up about his costar setting them up on a blind date, and the story will basically turn you into mush.

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