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(MUSIC) VOICE TWO: Many American newspapers and magazines publish messages from people who are seeking someone to date. For example, a man describes himself and the kind of woman he hopes to meet.

A tradition says February twenty-ninth, Leap Year Day, is the one day a woman may ask a man to marry her. VOICE ONE: Friends and family members might offer to help. VOICE TWO: Dating and establishing a relationship can be hard work.A business called is a leader in the area of online matchmaking. She had not dated much until she met a computer expert through Match-dot-com. People usually start by communicating with strangers. Members can get lists of people around their age who live nearby. It says many of its members have married or formed close relationships. The friend thinks the two people will like each other. Some might go to a dance place, for example, and hope to meet someone they can ask out on a date. They might look for someone who shares a common interest in religion or books, for example.A lot of bookstores in America now have places that serve coffee and food.

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