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Candidates may also use the portal to promote their campaign by creating a public profile.

Once you upload contact information, a photo, social media and website links, and a brief biography, we will promote you as candidate on our website and be ready to display your name and photo on the Election Night Results page.

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If you are newly appointed to fill a vacancy in office, you must file a Financial Disclosure Statement within 60 days of the date you take office.This requirement is separate from and in addition to the financial disclosure statement filed with your nomination petitions and nomination paper when running for office.View previously filed Financial Disclosure Statements Campaign Finance Reporting Statewide and legislative candidates must file campaign finance reports with the Secretary of State's Office.The day-to-day processing of an injured worker’s claim is then handled by the insurance carrier or self-insured employer.Questions regarding payment of medical bills and compensation should first be directed to their processing office.

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