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Losing any of the data can cost a person their job, and hence it is important to keep a recovery of your We Chat account and history.Either you want to recover deleted We Chat conversation or want to know how to recover deleted We Chat account; you will find your solutions in this article. In case your We Chat account is blocked unexpectedly, at first you must find out the reason why it is blocked and then try to find the possible ways on how to recover your We Chat account.In i Tunes, if you have made a backup of your We Chat history, then for We Chat recovery of text messages follow the steps: Step 1.Launch i Tunes on Computer and connect your i OS device to the computer. Select the i Phone option when it appears in the i Tunes, and then select the Restore Backup option. Select the relevant data by having a look on the size of the file. Now click on Restore and wait for the device to complete the process.A We Chat account can be blocked because of issues such as: The various options available to recover We Chat account are explained further in the article.You can use any of the recommended methods for recovery. Let the web complete the process and once the process is complete, your account will be recovered.Its popularity is still increasing because of the amazing features provided in one single app.There are more than 1 billion active users of We Chat.

There are many factors that affect the online platforms.Before you try to restore your account and We Chat history, make sure that you had a backup before your account and history was deleted. In the general settings, select the Chat Log Migration and click on Select Chat Transcript button. Log in to your account on your other i OS device and scan the QR code of the interface.Only then you will be able to get We Chat recovery of deleted messages. Once the device scans the QR code, the migration will start. As soon as the process completes, you will have all your We Chat data in your other i OS device from the first one. It will directly scan your device and the backup of the data selectively and then restore it as per the user requirements.These various methods are explained to tell you how to recover We Chat history without going through much trouble.This is the general method to recover the old or deleted chat history of We Chat.

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