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Additionally, students have an opportunity to participate in service-learning experiences related to preparation in their major, which include: (ACOTE).Occupational therapy majors take various core and elective courses including: This course explores the development of occupational therapy as a profession.

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For students interested in reaching out to children with autism or cerebral palsy, adults who have work-related injuries or mental health concerns, or older adults with a range of disabilities from Alzheimer’s disease to arthritis, Gannon’s occupational therapy program prepares students to help others experience independence.

Occupational therapy majors learn how to develop, teach and evaluate specific interventions and rehabilitation programs for a wide variety of people of all ages with physical and mental challenges.

Students learn concepts of role acquisition and role dysfunction, human competence and adaptation, use of human occupation as therapeutic intervention, exploration of domains of practice of OT, scope of practice of health professionals, health and wellness, healthcare delivery systems, disability and professional behaviors.

The lecture portion of this course explores occupational science and humans as occupational beings, and promotes discussion related to occupations and their relation to health and wellness.

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