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The main report will highlight the positive experience to date and the challenges encountered in the efforts made to eradicate poverty.

Botswana’s economy rose from being one of the poorest in the world at independence in 1966 to an upper-middle income status in the 1990s.

Simultaneously, the country embarked on developing a sustainable development framework that will set out how the country will implement all its programmes using a sustainable development approach.

3.1 Creating Ownership at all levels: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has been promoted through awareness campaigns undertaken for the Government, Local Authorities, Civil Society, Academia, Parliament and Development Partners.

This constrained private sector growth which itself is heavily dependent on Government spending.

Unfortunately, this fast economic growth did not provide the many jobs expected.

This result was due to the discovery of diamonds and the government’s good management of this resource together with the focus on developing Botswana as a democratic state.

The focus of the country’s development for the past five decades has centered on four key pillars being i.e.

These include the Botswana Stock Exchange (signed up for the UN Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiatives), the Green Building Council (brings together players in the construction industry to promote sustainable buildings and reduce carbon emissions), Debswana (developed a sustainability strategy and mapped SDGs on their value chains) and some financial institutions.

3.2 Alignment of SDGs with the National Vision and National Development Plans Botswana’s overall approach is that its development frameworks should drive Sustainable Development.

Therefore, Botswana underwent a lengthy consultation process in the development of its national Vision 2036 (2017-2036), National Development Plan 11 (2017-2023) – and the associated District and Urban Development Plans, to ensure that these key documents were aligned to the SDGs.

Within this context the SDGs are very relevant to Botswana.

Botswana’s SDGs implementation process can be captured in four distinct phases as follows: First, the process began with a strong campaign to ensure ownership of SDGs at all levels.

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