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When Phoebe Cates exits the pool in her skimpy red bikini, only to remove it completely, every single tape stopped.

2/ Wild Things (1998) – Take Phoebe Cates’ pool scene, turn it up to 11 and add in a second woman and you have Wild Things, a movie basically plucked from a teenagers head.

The moment Neve Campbell and Denise Richards kiss is one of the only reasons this movie was successful.

When you’re somewhere where your native language isn’t spoken, you may use it to say something that you aren’t comfortable with others hearing, but you have to be careful!

Here are 25 of the funniest fails celebrities have yet to live down. Winning an Academy Award for Best Actress is undeniably one of the biggest …Several recent Reddit threads asked Redditors for stories of things they used to think existed before being told better. Not only is someone’s health and life in your hands, but they are also entrusting you with their futures as well!

Now imagine being a doctor that …If you’ve ever gotten bored (or you’re just into the creepy and macabre) you’ve probably found yourself in the deep side of the internet at least once in your life.

For …Trust and communication are the two main components necessary for a healthy relationship to work.

…From Pokemon cards to spaghetti strap tank tops, there have been a lot of things banned from schools. Sometimes the people who occupy Walmart can make the shopping experience all the more entertaining.

Sometimes they’re justifiable, most based on the pretense that a child’s mind may be distracted by such things. Here are 26 funny and strange people who have been caught on camera in Walmarts around …Walmart is notorious for being a place where all sorts of people come to shop, often dressed unusually and doing extremely odd things.

The question is, how does one spot their Ross Geller?

How do you know if a guy is actually interested, or even better, already falling for you?

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