7 year age gap dating

Its also really important to talk about what u expect from the relationship.

I have seen how having different expectations can change lots of stuff just like with life things might not work out.

As we have been meeting up more often over the past few months we have found out we get on really well in person.

She has made it clear she is attracted to me and I am attracted to her.

A relationship is a much closer bond and involves alot of aspects that people have alot of trouble with because we dont always have so much experience in those same situations.

I feel like if u are in a good place and so is she then thats a very important issue which i dont see anything wrong with what u said.

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Its just the online thing is kinda tough sometimes because u live in a small world when u talk to the person.

) But the point is that if you are attracted to one another and are at similar stages in your life, and the fact that you are both adults well over the age of 18, there's nothing wrong with getting together with her and dating. I was 34 when I met my current wife, and she was 21.

I think once you are past a certain age then a 7 year age gap really isn't all that much. FYI I met my guy online almost 5 years ago and we are happily still together and living together now. Now I am 38 and she is 25 and things could not be better.

I would just take it slow and not rush it so much because of how long ur friendship was.

You might think that could maybe make things easier.

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