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This list of clean questions to ask is perfect for entertaining kids, chatting with co-workers, or having a lighthearted conversation at dinner. Just because these questions are appropriate for all ages doesn’t mean they’re not hard would you rather questions, going to challenge your mind.And just because these are clean would you rather questions, doesn’t mean they’re easy! Some are hard, some are funny, some are deep, and some are downright bizarre. These are the questions that hurt the brain (but in a fun way).These handy would you rather questions solve that common dilemma. This question really lets you know how important social interaction is to the other person. Yes, you would quickly become “that person.”No hiding the tail allowed. You’d certainly be one of the more whimsical people out there. You can still style your banana peel hairdo to your liking. If you choose the bed, you don’t have to worry about them anywhere else.

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While it’s a fictional situation, this is another question that can help you to see if your general lifestyle goals are compatible. Use them to strengthen your bond and learn more about each other. Again, convincing the other person or group why your answer is best is part of what makes this game such a blast.Try to choose questions that feel right according to where you are and who you’re with.Yes, asking would you rather questions is a lot of fun. Don’t be the guy who drives your friends crazy asking them nonstop.Whether you’re in a new relationship or celebrating years of marriage, sometimes couples just run out of things to say. This question makes you think about what immediate happiness is worth if you won’t be able to remember it anyways. Her answer might change depending on her mood, but it’s good to know what her preferred evening is generally like. The beauty of the “would you rather” game/thought experiment is that it naturally leads to longer conversations and debates.These questions for couples fill those awkward silences quite nicely. Is she more of an outdoorsy adventurous person or a more of a luxurious relaxer? Sure, you can ask and answer rapid-fire style, but the real magic happens when you disagree. These questions give you a solid foundation to work with, but don’t be afraid to tweak them to make them your own.

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